20 Comments on “Robin Van Persie HAT-TRICK Vs Aston Villa Manchester 3-0 Aston villa 22/04/2013”

  1. All 3 goals are offside + that is nowhere near “goal of this century” lol.

  2. Think you’ll find nearly every major European club has debts. Get over it buddy. You can post whatever mindless child like response you want, I refuse to waste more of my time and thought here, I have nothing to prove to you and you can’t prove anything to me. Nice life

  3. Even if you were right, you would solve nothing here in the comments of youtube anyway, I came here and although I shared my ‘hate’ for RVP, I credited him too, something you ignored which brought us to this mindless debate

    If you would like to walk away from this thinking you’ve proven me wrong, then by all means do. You’re an angry little person, that isn’t seeking a medium and I’ve grown bored of this. I know my club back to front and I won’t be told different, say what you like. I’m done

  4. My point, is that these players don’t just start their football youth there buddy, they start in the other places, local academies and move onto the bigger ones, even the local academies want them to stay.

    Look I’m getting tired of you switching the subject, then going back to the original point, you’re going nowhere with this. Arsenal are killing football, then it’s England, then it’s Europe.I actually cannot be squared to keep this going. Ya know what, I’ll get out the balls here, You win 😐

  5. Do you even know how Arsenal got into debt? They constructed the Emirate stadium, £360 Million pounds it costs them. They’ve been paying that back since 2006.

    Arsenal is one of the most financially sound clubs in Europe. The club doesn’t have a rich owner who consistently injects money into the club like everyone else, it’s run on it’s own money. Besides, Chelsea have links to representatives of debt of £700m. Despite the debt, Arsenal are secure

  6. You think Ajax get all their talent from academies? No because, Ajax do to other dutch clubs what The world has done to Ajax and Feynoord, they hold the monopoly. Maher for example, I’m sure you’ll be familiar with him, he’s keen on leaving AZ Alkamaar for Ajax, even if the clubs manager wants him to join Arsenal. Because of the clubs size, it attracts talents, because the player, the kid wants the fame, the money, the glory, the best…now do you blame the game, or human greed?? Your call

  7. wow…you may have deleted that, but I think world football would be nowhere without cash…what a poor…poor, poor statement. You can look through the whole of Milan, Bayern, Barcelona, Arsenal, Man United, City, Real etc…all their national players will have been torn away from other clubs, or youth academies of other clubs…by money, even at the ages of 10 to 16 when they’re coming up through the ranks

    Coincedental that all the European elites get all the best national talent isn’t it?

  8. Jeffbz001-“First it was buying players with a lot of cash in their early twenties, now when those shitty British clubs lure them away when they’re like 16 years old. English club football would be nowhere near where it is today if it wasn’t for all the cash, because you sure don’t know how to make good players of your own. Just look at your national team, it has sucked ever since you won the world title with England almost half a century ago. You’re the joke of Europe on a National team level.”

  9. I’m sorry, we kill football?….I’ll agree, I’m a fan of Ajax, I admired what they did in their group against City, Real and Dortmund they played good football, showed that a £200million squad is nothing compared to a team.

    Arsenal may only 5 English players, but 5 years ago, we barely had 2, and Jack Wilshere quite practically is Englands best players. Oxlade Chamberlain too, Arsenal may be low on national numbers, but they are good numbers buddy. Jenky, Gibbs, Jack, Ox and Theo are gd players

  10. so in a nut shell, what makes Arsenal a fake club, and Manchester City, United and Real genuine…is that they have more money then Arsenal………

  11. That wasn’t an opinion, that was a viewpoint. And I even said ‘hate’ was too stronger word to use. Besides, if this is coming down to ‘Intelligence’, this is coming from the man who praises Manchester City and Manchester United for having more English players than Arsenal, even though they both practically bought them all from other clubs.

    Players ‘that could have gone anywhere’…so effectively…we’re crediting United and City for being rich…good Argument.

  12. Fact’s hurt? no, you hurt…with your inept drivel, you haven’t even read any of the last 4 comments I posted have you? You’ve just picked at the fact that Arsenal have only 5 English players in their main 25 and that ‘Robin could have gone anywhere’…and you think you’ve proved me wrong?

    You simply have the worst opinion I’ve ever read. Good day to you sir.

  13. Ya know, now that you’ve said that, I’ve just realised I’ve been wasting my time debating with you. Infact, I wouldn’t even call it a debate, all your doing is
    “dissect a sentence of my overall comment”
    and then argue against that sentence and not the overall point, simply because you can’t respond.
    I get the feeling you aren’t even reading my comment, let alone understand it. I’m done.

  14. There is nothing you can tell me, because every other comment ends up contradicting the one before. You condemn Arsenal for buying players from good well run clubs and damaging football, but then praise other clubs for doing the exact same thing.

    You aren’t even making a point, you are making a mess, all you are simply doing is hating on Arsenal by listing things they don’t have and other clubs do. Arsenal isn’t a major club for you to be making this criticism, what are you trying to say?

  15. How does that make the club fake? Second of all, Man United have more English players, but have bought those from other clubs, they haven’t developed most them. You’re contradicting yourself over and over. Man City bought nearly all their English players, Milner, Barry, Lescott, Sinclair, Johnson etc. The only player they have that they to some extent developed was Joe Hart.

    Arsenal spotted Chris Smalling and Wilfried Zaha, attempted to buy them but lost out to United who bid bigger each time

  16. You make Arsenal sound like they some evil corporation or something. You need to get your issues straight, there are bigger problems in football, then Arsenal buying young players and helping them develop. And the reason no one wanted Van Persie was because he was injury prone you idiot. He’d score 11 goals in 15 games and be on a crazy run and then get injured playing for Holland.

    For someone he seems to know everything you can’t seem to look back that far can you.

  17. Nice google search there.
    You are making no point to me. Man United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Milan, and Juventus have done far worse things to football then invest in young players like Arsenal have.
    Again, like I’ve said, If I’m going to be angry at RVP whole hearted, then I would be angry at the game.

    We don’t like that he left, but he did, that is modern football, and him moving to Arsenal for more money isn’t doing you any favours in this…you’ve just contradicted your initial point

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