Fabregas on Conte

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has stated that Antonio Conte is one of the best managers he has ever worked with.

He said that the Italian manager is a demanding person and that he always expects his players to give their best on the pitch.

He said that Antonio Conte has a winning mentality and that he always his inspire his players to win. He said that every day the manager will put emphasis on winning and that this is always important for a player.

Fabregas added that the manager also wants the team to improve as he is never satisfied with status quo. For the former Arsenal player, this is an important mentality for a manager as it encourages the players to give their best on the pitch.

Fabregas said that as a football player you always need to improve irrespective of what you have already achieved. He said that you might have won a countless number of trophies and played with the best players in the world this does not count if you do not keep improving.

The Spanish international said that Conte is a manager that always wants his players to improve and that he is always pressurizing them to give their best on the pitch.

Cesc Fabregas admitted that there are some hard times in a footballer’s career and it is important to have the mental strength to overcome that. Indeed there were some times where Fabregas was spending more time on the bench than on the football pitch, and he said that he did not allow himself to lose his focus.

At the moment he wants to give his best and make the most of the run that he is having in the team. He said that Conte believes in him and it is up to him to repay the faith that the manager has placed in him.