Chelsea enjoyed a brilliant run to the title last term because the team gelled very well.

The wingbacks were working and Diego Costa was brilliant solely upfront. NemanjaMatic and N’GoloKante did their defensive and offensive work very well. The central defenders knew their job and Thibaut Courtois was on point.

After the breakup and changes, the Chelsea squad seems to be getting their mojo back. This time, Alvaro Morata and Cesc Fabregas are partnering very well. The 24-year old former Real Madrid man plays differently from Costa as he is more of a team player than a one-man solider upfront. He has been impressive so far since arriving at Stamford Bridge.

Still the creative force, Fabregas has helped his compatriot settle very well in his new role. They have this obvious instant understanding that the team would benefit from.

The pair combined well to help the Blues come back from an embarrassing defeat to Burnley in the first game to wins over Tottenham Hotspur and Everton FC.

With new defenders and midfielders, the pattern of play would be different from that of last season when they won the title. Coach Antonio Conte has proven that he is a dynamic thinker as he regularly breaks up the norm to find a balance. The team should eventually find their rhythm and have a decent title defence. However, they would face tougher competition from Man United, Man City, and Liverpool. The other teams would be seeking to take the title away from London, with their managers under pressure to do so.