Cesc Fabregas still Advises Chelsea to find psychological edge

Cesc Fabregas doesn’t think that because of Chelsea emerging victorious over Tottenham in the recent Round of 4 Clash in the Cup, they have earned any psychological edge over their London rivals in the Premiership title race.

As per Fabregas, there are 18 points to play for as far as his team his team is concerned in the Premiership and he reckons they should try and win all of those points because the games that Tottenham has to play are not the most difficult of the games except the one against Arsenal. So, it’s highly unlikely that they are going to lose a lot of points.

Fabregas is also of the opinion like so many other people that Chelsea’s absence from the continental competitions is one of the massive factors why they have proved to be so clinical in the English top flight.

If there had been European matches, the manager would have had to take care of the workload of the important players and it was possible that he hadn’t played those players in some of the Premiership games in order to keep them fit for Europe and in that case, the performances of the team in the Premiership might not have been that clinical.

As per Fabregas, what Chelsea has been brilliant at in the on-going season is that they have got over a bad result very, very quickly whenever that has been the case and have ensured that the next result xlr8 Soccer is a good one. So, the morale of the team has never been down for a long time.

Fabregas hopes that Chelsea doesn’t have that kind of a lull period at this stage of the season now because that would ruin all the hard work they have done so far.