Bruce Arena met Steven in Anfield

The current coach of Los Angeles Galaxy, Bruce Arena travelled to Anfield in order to meet with Steven Gerrard and say a few things before they officially start working together when Gerrard makes his move to the MLS club in July.

Gerrard will complete what is going to be his last season as a player of Liverpool before making an official move to the American League, MLS.

Bruce Arena believes that Gerrard is eager and motivated on joining Los Angeles Galaxy as they met for the first time during Liverpool’s Europa League match against Besiktas which Gerrard was unable to play due to an injury but the American coach took this opportunity to speak with his future player and maybe even possible captain in the near future.

“I saw him yesterday and I was surprised to see how excited Steven is to come to Los Angeles. Obviously, he knows that he has a huge obligation to fulfill with Liverpool and to close out his career there in the right manner. They are involved in some cup competitions, and then he will be very eager to get to Los Angeles.” Arena said during a news conference.

The veteran midfielder is expected to make his move to the MLS club as soon as the summer transfer window of the American League opens on July 1st.

Gerrard will be teaming up with Robbie Keane at LA Galaxy but nothing is expected to change within the club when it comes to who the captain will be and which player is going to be the designated penalty-taker as Bruce Arena stated that Keane is the captain as well as the set-piece taker and the arrival of Steven Gerrard is not going to change anything.