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  1. @timfrost08 Damn that would suck. Javier Pastore, who I absolutely love, went there already. However, if Berba goes there, since no one scores in Ligue 1 he’d be top scorer, and with Pastore they could make some magic, even though I don’t like PSG

  2. @bbguy17 Hey, thanks for agreeing with me! What I meant with Barca is that I don’t think he would be a regular starter but he’s definitely a player who would come off the bench or play in less crucial fixture…… Just read that Fergie might let him go the PSG. I love the manager but he really would be very stupid to do that!

  3. @timfrost08 I agree, I don’t know about him playing for Barca because they’re pretty picky when it comes to forwards, but he definitely is a very refined player. Probably should be at a team that would appreciate him more, maybe Inter or something.

  4. HA HA HA HA


    1) Convince yourself steven gerrard is the best player in the world

    2) Watch as your bottom half by christmas

    3) Wait 6 months for A FLUKEY resuld against chelsea

    4) Watch liverpool lose against shit teams like West Ham with their best team

    5) Drop to sixth in the league

    6) Lose your last few games and miss out on europe


  5. Berba has great touch, close control, technique, vison and I reckon he is maybe the only Man-U players who would stand any chance of getting game time if he joined Barca………… Fergie is a legend but he has never got his head around Berbatov or Barcelona. Its probably one of the only times that he’s completely clueless…….

  6. As a Man-U fan I’m very glad that Berbatov stayed……. Ferguson was an idiot for not starting him or even giving him a bench spot in the CL final (and also not starting Nani). Proved that he learnt nothing from 2009 and as soon as I saw Berba’s omission I was certain we didn’t stand a chance. ‘Runners’ who can’t play possession football will never stand a chance against Iniesta, Xavi and Messi.

  7. @RAGY112 Berba scored more winning goals than any other player last season,can’t argue with that.

  8. @manansuneja4 fair point, but ferguson’s top aim is to win, and sacrifices have to be made sometimes,besides, although Beckham left, Ronaldo came in and we all know what happens 😀

  9. @conradl93 Bro.. I respect Ferguson a lot! he s a genius… but sometimes I feel he needs to respect players more…especially players who WANA stay at Man Utd…! remember beckham?

  10. @manansuneja4 The same Ferguson guy that managed a Premier League title and UCL final appearance?

  11. Berbatov was a member of the PFA Team of the Year for the 2010–11
    shared the Premier League Golden Boot. lazy player haha give me a break not suited for united don’t be silly he deserves more respect!!!!!!

  12. @ohugitmeueffingc dude i agree with you in only one thing which is dropping berbatov in the final
    the rest I don’t because; 1) Rooney came back from an injury and it was so hard to score goals
    2) It wasn’t a FLUCKEY one, top players only can do this bicycle kick
    3) Rooney at least scored our only goal against Barcelona in the final, and also berbatov scored goals against shitty teams as Birmingham and so on..

  13. Wat I dnt get is sir Alex ferguson says berbatov did not do well last season, and this season when berbatov is doing well he stoped playing in the final few games n started using hernanders instead. I recorn berbatov cud hav finished in de season wid much more goals if furgeson played him more. His a good player b ferguson should use him more often.

  14. i dont get why people call him lazy, he walks around a lot but thats just to conserve his energy, hes not as pacy as other players and doesnt chase the ball up and down the field but hes a lethal finisher thefirst player since ruud van nistelrooy to score 3 hattricks in a season for united, why sir alex didnt even put him on the bench against barcelona is beyond me

  15. @ohugitmeueffingc its different then that because even though rooney wasnt scoring many he was creating soooooo much and him and hernandez were such a great match and flukey has nothing to do with that bicycle he obviously meant to do it and aimed for it which means its just skill

  16. @ronald010ify I’ve been watching football from a long time and just I like these two teams… Calm down

  17. @ronald010ify I’ve been watching football from a long time and just I like these two teams…

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