Antonio Conte changed Mind over Cesc Fabregas

A few months ago, Antonio Conte was almost sure that Cesc Fabregas was going to be one of the players whom he would put on sale in the summer, but, he seems to have had to change his mind after seeing some mighty strong midfield displays put on by the Spaniard in the last 6-7 weeks of the 2016-17 Premiership campaign of the Blues.

According to the sources close to Chelsea, Conte now believes that Chelsea needs the skilful Fabregas going forward and thus he does not intend to necessarily find a buyer for him. However, the coach has not shut the doors completely on those who want the playmaker and if there is a big offer on the table, he may still entertain the thoughts of selling the 30-year old who has had a 3-season long tenure at Stamford Bridge so far.

Fabregas himself has not given too much away in terms of whether he desires to remain in the Blues’ camp where it’s proving to be tough for him to get sufficient game time or he is looking for a club where he can be the first choice on a regular basis.

In a recent interview, he did drop hints that he wasn’t hell bent on taking an exit from Chelsea and was pretty happy battling for his place in the line-up as he is someone who has a winner’s mentality and the winners never shy away from a battle, but, he also stressed that he couldn’t rule out the possibility of a Chelsea exit because of the uncertain nature of the soccer universe where things unfold in unexpected manners at times.

Among the clubs which are said to be standing in the queue for Fabregas, Manchester United is the most high profile name.