Steven Gerrard is aware of the threats that England has to face in order to advance into the next stages of the 2014 World Cup as they were pitted in a group along with Italy, Costa Rica and Uruguay in what many people are already calling it as ‘’Group of Death’’.

The idol and captain of Liverpool considers Luis Suarez to be one of the best players in recent times to be in the team of Liverpool and suggested England that they will need to start planning on how to stop the Uruguayan forward.

“When the World Cup draw was announced the first thing that came to mind was Suarez,” he said,”and what we’re going to do to keep him quiet. I think if Luis is on form and on his game he’s close to being unstoppable’’.

“When you’re coming up against him you need to have a game plan for individual players to try and stop him, and you’ve also got to have a game plan for the manager and team’’.

“The staff has got to already be under way with preparations on how to stop him because he is that good. I’m sure we’ll have a plan and once the season stops I’ll be helping with that plan.” Gerrard told Sky Sports News.

The veteran midfielder continued on the interview by stating that the fans, coaches and even the players of England have to go into the World Cup having realistic ambitions as they are fully aware of what they are capable of doing and just how far they can go.

The last time England managed to win a World Cup was back in 1966 when Sir. Alf Ramsey was coaching the squad and considering the tough opposition that will be battling it out trying to win the silverware, it will be a huge mountain for them to climb if they want to get their hands on the trophy once more.