Steven Gerrard has said that he is disappointed with his performance in the ongoing season so far, but, he is slowly getting back to top form. Gerrard has found the net only five times for Liverpool in this season.

When asked about his performance in the ongoing season so far, Gerrard said, “It has been a special season for me. I played 600th match for Liverpool and also played 100th match for my national side. But, I am not really satisfied with my performance so far. I should have done a lot better than this.”

“I have played well in patches, but, I haven’t been consistent so far. I am one of the senior players in the side and I am expected to set an example for the young players which I haven’t managed to do so far. But, I think I am slowly getting back to form. I have played reasonably well in the last few games.”

“People tend to judge your performance on the basis of the no. of goals that you score. Since, I haven’t scored too many goals recently, so, people are saying that I am not in good nick. But, I feel that I am playing well.”

When asked whether he likes to play in a defensive role, Gerrard said, “Look, sometimes, you need to go out of your comfort zone for the sake of the team. Obviously, I am not used to playing in defensive role, but, because of some injury issues, I had to play a bit deeper in some matches and I didn’t have any problem with that.”

When asked about the overall performance of Liverpool in this season so far, Gerrard said, “It has been a mixed season for us as a team. In some matches, we performed brilliantly, but, in others, we didn’t quite manage to stand up to the expectations of the fans. Hopefully, we would be consistent in the upcoming matches and would move up in the points table.”