The Liverpool captain and midfielder Steven Gerrard has said that there is no possibility of him leaving Liverpool in his career. The 32-year-old midfielder is coming to the end of his career, which has seen him lift numerous titles with Liverpool. However, he is yet to win the Premier league title and he recently conceded that the chances of him doing so appear to be slim. Steven Gerrard has acknowledged the fact that he has only around three years of top-level football left in him. However, he does not intend to play for another club in his career because he is a supporter of Liverpool.

Steven Gerrard has revealed that he grew up in Liverpool and supports Liverpool. Even though there was a time in his career when he had his head turned, it was not sufficient to make him move because of the love for his club. Steven Gerrard is close to making 600 appearances for Liverpool, although he still remains a long way short of the record holders the club. Steven Gerrard was extremely close to leaving Liverpool for Chelsea back in 2004. However, he made an amazing U-turn sign a new contract with Liverpool. Gerrard has lifted the Champions league with Liverpool in 2005.

“I’ve had many opportunities to leave in the last five, seven years and I think everyone is aware that my head has been turned on a couple of occasions but its never been enough to move. I have no regrets and I am really happy I have stayed and I am loving my football here. I am born in Liverpoool, I am a Liverpool supporter. I know what it means to play for this club as a supporter and I will never leave. The dream for me was always to play just the once for Liverpool,” said Steven Gerrard.